Restaurant Menus

The Stove at 3 Guys And A Stove is where it all happens! Let’s face it, the food is the thing! We offer an ever-evolving selection of flavour! Sure we offer the classic mainstays, but our specialty is the new and exciting tastes and combinations stemming from, as is reflected in our music, décor and attitude, a Southern California flavour. You, the customer, will quickly realize that we are different, and that we haven’t drawn up your average menu. We’ve grouped the menu into staples, and most dishes are heart-healthy, low fat, and low-sodium- but with flavour you have never before experienced! Multi-level flavouring and multidimensional spicing are the operative methods. Your taste buds will be tap dancing! 

Our kitchen’s cookin’, so we encourage each one of you to order something different and ask for extra plates for sharing. because our goal is; tasting life to the fullest!