All Day Menu

starters . soups . salads . pasta & rice . fish & seafood . meats



arborio rice fritters ~ 13
with corn-fried tomatoes & onion salsa

bruschetta ~ 12
with marinated sundried tomato, roasted garlic & herbs 

flat breads
whole wheat pita rubbed with olive oil and your choice of:

• tomato, red onion, black olive & jack cheese ~ 12
• goat cheese, black olives & roasted garlic ~ 14
• cajun shrimp, chickpea hummus, artichoke & mushroom ~ 15
• herbed chicken, roasted peppers & sundried tomato ~ 15       

steamed pei mussels ~ 16
with chardonnay, seared lemon, herbs & garlic            

coconut shrimp ~ 15
with marinated chili rice vinegar & seared lime           

calamari ~ 15
dusted with tandoori whole wheat flour & soya roasted sesame seed sauce

crab cakes ~ 16
pan seared with tandoori whole wheat flour, with banana curry puree & sundried cranberry yogurt

blackened bacon wrapped scallops ~ 17
with grilled lemon and horseradish chipotle           



Vegetable Barley Soup cup ~ 5 bowl ~ 8
Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup cup ~ 5 bowl ~ 8


                                          SMALL            LARGE 

arugula & mixed greens            9            12
with honey poppy-seed dressing 

mediterranean            —            13
with red wine vinegar marinade, cucumber, kalamata olives & grape tomatoes,sweet red onion and feta cheese, served with fresh sprouts

grilled vegetable            —            14
with mixed greens, roasted garlic vegetables & balsamic glaze            

caesar            9            12
with your chioce of large cut romaine or fresh kale & jalapeno caesar dressing 

baby spinach             11            14
with shiitake mushrooms, sundried cranberries, fresh strawberries, candied pecans & maple dressing           


• pan seared lamb sirloin ~ 9
• roasted chicken breast ~ 8
• grilled shrimp ~ 9
• seared scallops ~ 12
• steamed pei mussels ~ 6
• grilled peameal bacon ~ 6
• Walkerton roasted sausage ~ 7
• feta or goat cheese ~ 4

Pasta, Rice & Noodles

All of our pasta, rice and noodle dishes are prepared as vegetarian entrées                                              

hand cut fresh pasta ~ 21
with roasted vegetables & garlic with your choice of fresh basil, pesto, tomato coulis
or basil cream
substitute organic corn pasta for gluten free option 

pasta shells ~ 24
stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, baked tomato coulis, served with walnut & fried parsley

“hoppin’ john” quinoa ~ 19
prepared with roasted vegetables, black eyed peas & salsa 

mediterranean rice ~ 20
prepared with basmati rice, red pepper jelly, chilies, black olives, roasted vegetables & feta cheese

curry rice ~ 21
prepared with basmati rice, fresh pineapple, roasted vegetables, mango chutney, blueberry yogurt & almonds 

risottos ~ 20
Your choice of mushroom, prepared with simmered button and shiitake, with fresh parmesan - or - 
barley with black beans and sundried cranberries, roasted vegetables,fresh parmesan & roasted pecans

noodles 20
choice of Udon or rice served with roasted garlic vegetables and fresh pea sprouts with your choice of broth - hot and sour or coconut curry


• pan seared lamb sirloin ~ 9
• roasted chicken breast ~ 8
• grilled shrimp ~ 9           
• seared scallops ~ 12           
• steamed pei mussels ~ 6           
• grilled peameal bacon ~ 6           
• Walkerton roasted sausage ~ 7                        
• feta or goat cheese ~ 4


Fish & Seafood

Our fresh caught whitefish from Purvis Fisheries comes out of the cool waters of Georgian Bay off the shores of Manitoulin Island, the world's largest freshwater lake island. Whitefish is a fine textured and flaky white meat and considered one of the best eating freshwater fish. Taste what Ontario food is all about! 

georgian bay whitefish ~ 30
your choice of corn fried, blackened, tandoori or baked - served with quinoa, black eyed peas and vegetables, & fresh lemon

atlantic salmon ~ 28
pan seared and deglazed with roasted mustard seed & dill, coconut honey milk and served with quinoa, black eyed peas and vegetables

wild pacific halibut ~ 37
poached with sesame seed sauce and lime, served with rice noodles and roasted vegetables

blackened stuffed shrimp ~ 35
stuffed with crab meat and wrapped in peameal bacon, drizzled with Louisiana hot sauce, served with hand cut fresh pasta, roasted vegetables & basil cream sauce 



Black Angus Fine Meats, our main supplier and butcher, provides high quality beef, chicken and lamb from local farmers & producers. 3 Guys And A Stove is proud to support Ontario farmers. 

slow roasted lamb shank ~ 35
seared with red pepper jelly and mustard seed, served with roasted vegetables & red-skin smashed potatoes

top sirloin steak 8 oz. ~ 30
Louisiana style ‘blackened’, served with seared vegetables & roasted red-skin potatoes

charbroiled pork back ribs ~ 35
charred with black strap molasses bbq, served with seared vegetables & roasted red-skin potatoes 

beef tenderloin 7 oz. ~ 37
grilled to your liking with peppercorn sauce, served with roasted vegetables & red-skin potatoes

moroccan meatball 24
ontario lamb seasoned with ground cumin and served with couscous and roasted vegetables, flavoured with raisins, peaches & chipotle cucumber yogurt 

free range grilled herb chicken breast ~ 25
with mushroom & fresh grape cream sauce, served with roasted vegetables & steamed basmati rice                                                                       

braised beef short ribs ~ 29
seared with a horseradish demi glaze, served with smashed red skin potatoes,roasted vegetables and corn fried onions