fresh hand crafted ice cream ~ 7
salted caramel, chocolate peppermint, vanilla bean wildflower honey, butterscotch whiskey, cinnamon

fresh seasonal gelato ~ 8
please ask your server for today’s flavour selection

chocolate fudge cake ~ 11
served with hot amaretto fudge glaze                       

daily dessert special ~ 11
ask your server for today’s special

fresh strawberries ~ 10
with fresh baked meringue & served with honey yogurt

profiteroles ~ 13
stuffed with vanilla bean wildflower honey ice cream, served with hot butterscotch, shredded coconut & raisins                      

chocolate ganache tart ~ 15
served with chocolate peppermint ice cream & amaretto fudge glaze

baked nut tart ~ 15
served with butterscotch whiskey & smoked almond ice cream with muskoka maple                    

white chocolate cheesecake ~ 15
warmed in phyllo pastry and served with scottish honey & fresh strawberries