I popped in at the Gravenhurst Farmers' Market this morning and came out with an armful of fresh Ontario produce.  Asparagus is perfect right now and the local rhubarb is beautiful! The raspberries beckoned me to nibble on the way home.  Intense dark green broccoli with compact crowns are packed with nutrients, fibre, and flavour.  I’m thinking broccoli slaw with red onions, dried cranberries and a yogurt based dressing with a bit of honey from Osprey Bluffs for dinner.

Shopping at local Farmer’s Markets provides me spectacular palette of fresh foods grown locally or here in Ontario.  I enjoy shopping, tasting, buying and eating local artisan cheeses, breads, jams, herbs, meats, fruits and vegetables, fish, maple syrup, and various other good eats.
Local Farmer’s Markets are a cornucopia of fresh local food! Our communities thrive when we support our local farmers and producers and you and I benefit with peak qualities of freshness, nutrition and taste!